Dating italian guy

26 May

Little did I know that my boredom was about to be punched in the face by a plot twist. While I imagined an animated Disney scene where cute, anthropomorphized woodland animals sang to a young Antonio about the importance of rationing, we ate in silence. I thought I saw some tumbleweed blow by, but it was just the cute waiter. Well I double-dog-dare you to eat the rest of this meat without spitting out a single bite.” “Done!

Our entrees were served, and things were about to get very interesting. Well, to be clear: I ate, while Antonio practiced some odd form of hamster bulimia. ” I stabbed his remaining rib-eye with my fork and brought it to my plate without hesitation.

I managed to shake myself out of my stupor and look at the cocktail menu in time for him to ask, “What are you going to get, shorty? Antonio sent his back while I suppressed a chuckle.

In the meantime, you just have to take my word for it: my parents’ saga has left me somewhat ill-prepared for the realities of the dating world. ” as if I was on a new diet, learning sign language, or finally watching Parks and Recreation.

I finished the meat, flashed a demented, Cheshire Cat grin, and threw up some spirit fingers for good measure.

I almost said, “ta-dah”, but thought better of it and bit my tongue.

My date did not exactly apologize for being late, but rather explained that as an attorney he was often getting stuck at work and this tardiness was an authentic “Antonio experience” and I should “get used to it” if we were going to be together. All I could do was cock my head and stare — unintentionally imitating a cabbage. “No, Danielle, it means ‘love’,” his tone was clipped and left no room for argument, “and that is what I’m going to get to mark our first date.

After a few awkward moments, Antonio suggested we order drinks. Case closed.” We went on to make small talk and eventually our drinks came.