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23 May

There is no doubt that millions of people are now using Skype, but how many people really know how to use Skype to its fullest potential?

Do you know that there are many chat tricks that you might not even know that exist in Skype?

When you have done this, you can now chat with different people at the same time.

Double click a two or more of your contacts and multiple windows will be open.

Nobody really knows how many people are now using Skype.

Here are some of the Skype tricks you will never want to miss.Skype is definitely one of the most loved communication platforms today. It saves me a lot from phone bills, helps me send instant messages to my contacts, and I get to stay in touch with my friends!Virtually, most people are now always online because of applications such as Skype.I know it really happens; you regretted typing something after pushing the Enter button.Sometimes, when we are in a hurry or we are chatting with too many people, we send a message that wasn’t meant for them. Thankfully, you can edit or remove the message you just sent.