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03 Apr

Up until the very end he insisted that he still loved me and I said if he did he wouldn't be doing this and he would fix it with me. But why throw away something that could have been that amazing again? It wasn't an issue of core values or anything like that. I'm probably not thinking right and I don't know what the right answer is. Ok hon, I got half way down the page reading your second reply and realized something.

Then he got very angry with me for saying that wasn't true. What we had before all of this arguing was something that's hard to come by. I still wish it could have been resolved and think it could have if he gave it more of a chance rather than take on the attitude of when things get difficult to try less, or so it seemed, although he says he was trying but admits not as much as could have toward the end. I thought about writing him a letter and letting him know that I still love him and that I'm sorry while acknowledging that things were over but still wishing him the best just to get some closure. I really want him to be happy but I need to be, too. You and he didn't have an online relationship, right?

That was the last thing he said to me, well second to last. Nobody can turn their feelings off like a light switch. He may not understand things right now, but I'm sure he still cares deeply. If he did he would have done that with me previously I think. The sooner you'l leave it, the sooner you'l get the peace it. I'm still low but my ex did exactly the same to me on-line dating as soon as we broke up but continued to flirt with me via email and play mind games it was like he got ego boost cos he knew I still loved him..

I had responded that that must not be true anymore or he would fix this with me. It will take time for him to sort his feelings out. It was a momentary lapse in judgement that lasted a matter of hours because I felt like I should be trying to move on since he is. It felt like I was trying to sort things out and it was too late in his mind. Anyway, should I drop off the letter I mentioned saying I'm sorry and that I still love him even though i recognize our relationship has passed and wish him the best? I have now not responded to him or contact him not for him but for me and Its better for me this way as mentally he was hurting me when we were in contact.

Work on you and if he fights to win you back great but if he doesn't you can only keep going it will get better even my situation will in time.. I see this post was a year ago and before I say anything to you, I wanted to see how your feelings and the situation have evolved.

I am going through exactly what you described and this is why I am reaching out to you. I hope you get this message girl and hope your heart has healed...

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As for the reason things ended, we had been arguing a lot lately.

I was going to write her this morning and just ask her (nicely ofcourse) if he is in touch with her, but not sure if this is a good idea.

Up until the last second of our relationship he insisted that he still loves me. And no, I wasn't on there looking for anyone else, that's not what happened. And no, he wasn't on there before we broke up either. I don't understand why someone would insist they love you and say that they want things to work out but don't think they can, then go looking for someone else the next day. Is this a good method to recover from a loss like this for some people or something? You don't have the advantages of the hugs after a disagreement, or being able to see someones face or body language when they speak. When things got tough I tried to fix them and he was just at a loss and didn't know what to do anymore.

Trust me, it's easier to suffer the old fashioned way rather than making things even more complicated. He said relationships are work but shouldn't be this much of a struggle.

He seemed to be having a lot of issues, a lot of which he started to take out on me. I came up with ways to fix this communication breakdown, which we both agreed were working. He said he loves me and wants to be with me he just doesn't know if he can anymore.