Dating sites for people with special needs children

15 Jun

Some people will say yes, that it is selfish and egocentric of me not to jump in at the deep end Some friends tell me I’ve totally lost my mind to even consider dating a guy with a child, let alone a handicapped child. Lucky for us, the partners to be, and the mum’s and dad’s out there with a special need child, we are not all the same.There will be men and women that love to take on a challenge like this without hesitation.

Lucky for all of us after one and a half week she was released and she is doing great. I still hesitate to take on the enormous task that comes with raising a special need bonus daughter.I would lie to you if I would say I’m excited with joy over the idea of raising a special need child.At my age, I’m 55, I have finished my parental part in life, I raised two wonderful human beings and I am free to go do the things I dream of.So I searched the internet for experiences other people have, I study websites of blind institutes to help me understand. And I know I cannot solve all upfront, but at least it gives me time to search my heart and my abilities to see if I think I’m able.I ask for a meeting with her teacher at school and I want to know what I’m in for. You hit this website in your search on information about dating a man with a special needs child, let me share what I learned so far: Does that means, that I settle for a second best love?