Social psychology and internet dating Cm chat skype girl

10 Sep

A study led by Stephanie Spielmann, of Wayne State University, examined how contrast between two consecutively viewed profiles affected people’s dating preferences.The researchers conducted two experiments in which people viewed a series of online dating profiles for members of the opposite sex that included different combinations of desirable and undesirable information about their physical appearance and emotional responsiveness.Studies by Toma and Hancock found that people who were rated lower in attractiveness by independent raters were more likely to lie about physical descriptions, and use an “enhanced” profile picture.Another study by the same group of researchers found that women were more likely to use deceptive pictures than men, using younger pictures, or pictures taken by a professional, among other tactics; but that only about 1/3 of profile pictures were rated as inaccurate.And, according to the Pew Research Center’s 2013 report on online dating, 38% of single American adults looking for a partner have used online dating sites or apps.Of Americans who found their spouse online, they report higher marital satisfaction and lower divorce rates than couples that met IRL.

To help reach a wide audience, study links posted here are also publicized via Twitter and an RSS feed (a combined subscriber base of over 223,000 people).Any use of SPN pages, feeds, or derivative services indicates acceptance of the SPN User Policy.Online daters are more interested in potential partners who are emotionally responsive but relatively physically unattractive when they have first read the profiles of ones who are emotionally unresponsive, according to results of a forthcoming study in the .Each profile contained a photo which had been independently rated as either above or below average in terms of attractiveness.It also contained statements that suggested the profile owner was either emotionally responsive (such as “when I’m in a relationship, I like to make sure my girlfriend feels understood and that I get who she is and what she needs”) or emotionally unresponsive (such as “I get bored talking about feelings and stuff and I’m not really into talking about people’s problems”).