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11 May

Beautiful, colorful stained-glass windows represent the seven sacraments and were made by Atelier Mari & Femme.

Instead of glass, they are made of durable laminated glass in order to resist strong winds in the area.

Different locations produce a wide range of colors, sizes, and quality.

This Tahiti traditional trade gives employment to a large number of native people - just one of these farms employs 40 people on the small atoll of Ahe.

Its black rugged slopes are spectacular in contrast to the lush jungle surrounding it and azure blue lagoon below.

While all of Bora Bora is the result of an ancient volcano, fortunately now extinct , Mount Otemanu and Mount Pahia are the most evident remnants.

It is hard to imagine any place on Earth with so much beauty concentrated in just one spot.Bordered on both sides by private beaches, Matira is the only public beach on the island worth visiting and access is free to anyone.The swimming and snorkeling are superb here and the fine white sand gently slopes into a soft sandy lagoon that is perfectly warm and shallow.They include divers who collect the pearl oysters from 20 feet under water.Tahiti Pearl Market offers their customers the unique opportunity to select the pearl of their choice among thousands of pearls and have them mounted on the setting they wish.