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And it was a transition that felt "natural" to all parties involved, given Whitney's life in Los Angeles and various projects."I feel like it put him at ease ultimately," Rothman said. He's still a super important part to this cast, there's no doubt about it.Of his reduced onscreen role, Whitney simply said, "I'm happier." A FORCE OF NATUREThroughout season one, it was clear cast member Jenna King wasn't exactly the right fit, despite her history with some of the cast.What we did was find out what is it that you can talk about and then asked them to talk about that.It's really finding what the story is, what the truth is and asking them to speak to that truth."For Rothman, he's not interested in the political and child custody battles from a storytelling perspective, saying, "It's not really the show we're doing.", and unfortunately, it doesn't stray far from that in some aspects, but I think now, despite some of the boorish behavior of the cast, I think they've come to begrudgingly accept it.

they were looking to go to mediation, they had a lot of restrictions on them and we needed to respect those because there are children involved.

"You get a lot of bachelor and bachelorette parties and they come down here," he said.

"The weekends it can get pretty bad."All fans of the show know Whitney as the alt-rock Southern gent who splits his time between his home in Los Angeles and his mother's Charleston estate.

But when he made the on-screen jump, Whitney had to give up any control a producer would have, becoming a cast member only."You have to treat him as such in order to make the show because you need the objectivity to be a producer standing out the outside of it, to make sure we are following the stories that need to be followed," Farrell said.

"So there's a real division there."This season, Whitney is no longer credited as a series regular, with Austen Kroll joining the cast, though Whitney has still appeared in every season four episode so far.