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15 Nov

At the beginning of the game, when the teams selected their characters, or champions, Faker appeared on screen.Reed-thin, with delicate features and an elfin haircut, he chose Nidalee, a female warrior who can mutate into a cougar.That spring, SK Telecom, one of several Korean companies that sponsor competitive gaming teams, announced it was forming a second League squad and had signed Go Jeon Pa.The teenager, whose real name was Lee Sang-hyeok, changed his gamer tag to Faker.

"I think of him on the same level as Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods -- people who brought their respective industries to the next level," says Jeon Yong Jun, a veteran announcer, or caster.Before long, word spread that Go Jeon Pa was actually a high schooler who lived on the outskirts of Seoul.By the beginning of 2013, he was the top player on the Korean server.Kim vividly remembers Faker's first game, against CJ Blaze. There were a lot of expectations, and he fulfilled them all."After Faker won back-to-back MVP awards in 20, his supremacy was indisputable.But last spring, SKT started losing -- and backlash began to foment.