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29 Aug

Considerations On The Dynamics Of Fraud & Shoplifting In Adult Female Offenders.255 juveniles (ages under 13 to 19) arrested for shoplifting.Authors: Ellen Beate Hansen/Gunnar Breivik, Norwegian U of Sports & Physical Education, Oslo, Norway; Personality & Individual Differences; Mar.For this classification, the patient must meet the following five criteria to justify this diagnosis.The Devil Made Me Do It: Use Of Neutralizations By Shoplifters.Author: Michele Tonglet, U College Northampton, School of Law & Accountancy, Northampton, England; Journal of Consumer Behavior; Jun 2002; Vol.1(4); p.Questions about “life perception” (social values) revealed: – inclination toward deviant behavior – defective concept of ownership – inability to distinguish study from play – commitment to deviant social code of peer group c.

Sensation Seeking As A Predictor Of Positive & Negative Risk Behavior Among Adolescents.

Only 3.2% of cases involved mentally ill patients but closer links found between shoplifting and affective disorders, alcoholism and drug addiction.

Social Influences On Adolescent Shoplifting: Theory, Evidence, & Implications for the Retail Industry.

Authors: Yves Lamontagne/Richard Boyer/Celine Hetu/Celine Lacerte- Lamontagne, U Montreal, Dept.

Selected Studies Found In Psychological, Psychiatric and Therapeutic Journals and Publications.