Platonic level dating

29 Nov

The shy and nervous have hid behind the veil of Instant Messaging for too long.

With face to face, you have to read facial expressions, and body language, and know how to control the converse. Sure you can spend an hour chatting on line, but why does a 30 mins lunch date, feel so awkard.

He (or she) is trained in finding your vulnerabilities.

withholding yourself emotionally attracts predators. Let’s look at the traditional, snake-oiled salesman.

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I’ve never met someone for a date from online either. We assume we both are at-least interested, heck we’re meeting right.To give him credit, he probably doesn’t understand that’s what he’s doing on a conscious level.In his mind, he’s thinking that if he can make YOU emotionally available, then he proves to himself that he is indeed lovable. He just wants the personal satisfaction of breaking down your huge boundary as a means to dealing with his personal demons.So much energy only someone that views your boundary as a challenge will even bother with you. Wonderful will notice how bright and shiny you are under all that cast iron.You believe within your soul that he’ll move Heaven and earth to peel away the hard, cold metal, layer by layer until he reaches the soft, glowing presence of who you are.