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31 Jan

This is why I can't live without Twitter, even though it's a silo. Sometimes just entering a series of connected ideas w/o the ability to go back and edit, forces a certain kind of thinking to come out that might succumb to too much editing. Here's a thread that expresses an idea, strongly, that I've been tiptoeing around now for far too long. It seems to be resolving here, so the outage should be over. I would happily switch, but I have no idea if any of them are better.

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The bootstrap of podcasting took a long time, a lot of work, started years before his Wired column, and it's simply not fair to give him creation credit. They say blogging is over because their professional CMSes caught up? A profession that should be good at listening only actually listens to itself. The Feeds for Journalists OPML file is now available.

Yes, backward compatibility isn't just a nice idea to do when you can, it's something you have to bend over backwards to do. Companies come and go, but the human race, we hope is constant.

One company doesn't get to decide when we walk away from our past.

You still have a heart, and your shit still stinks, and you're still going to die.

So let's try, all of us, to leave something behind.