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05 Feb

Waiters should not only undergo training in respect of their duties and the menu when they first begin at the restaurant, but refresher courses should be mandatory. If waiters will be making use of notepads, either provide a standard notepad to staff, or insist upon a particular style of notepad being used.Alternatively, you should conduct an internal audit / review process, or make use of a mystery diner service such as Guestwho. It is most definitely off-putting when a waiter whips out a scraggly and scruffy old notepad and then searches for an open space within which to record your guest’s order!Ideally, the waiter should be able to answer questions as to ingredients in dishes and address diner’s concerns in line with their particular dietary requirement (without needing to excuse themselves to go and ask the chef).Far more impressive (than a waiter who does not need a notepad) is a waiter who understands dishes that complement each other, and even more so, can suggest wine parings.While there were a lot of "funny" parts in the movie, there was nothing in it that I laughed out loud at.The jokes were forced out for the most part, and the actors looked like they were going through the motions.However, the service must be impeccable for your establishment to get this one right.It’s no help if the waiter gets the order wrong or forgets to bring the starter!

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Mistrust rears its ugly head, and in the process of Theresa and Simon's argument, Marilyn and Percy fall out.Yes, yes, for many years now, a sign of a classy restaurant is the fact that your possibly college-educated waiter takes your order without the need for a pen and paper.“Paperless” waiters create an impression that staff members are well-trained and educated.There didn't seem to be much chemistry between the the leading male and female in this.At no point did I feel I was looking at real characters.