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01 Jan

The Ladies Walking Field is visible in the background over roofs of old cottages, Georgian buildings and a busy looking town, soon to be replaced with concrete.“I knew it like that,” said Roger, now of Talbot Woods, Bournemouth, who was 16 or 17 when he borrowed his dad’s Rolleiflex camera and took this snapshot in time. There were families who had lived there for centuries.As a schoolboy nearly 50 years ago, Roger took a photo from the top of the town’s old grain silo and has turned his snapshot of the past into a stunning You Tube video.

This is where the name ‘blueprints’ comes from and is still being used today for building/construction plans.

You will want to focus on SLR and Rangefinder cameras from any era before the early 1990s because they are well-built and sturdy.

Major brands like Canon, Nikon, Minolta, Konica and Yashica are outstanding choices as many online buyers still exist, and you can almost be assured of a quality product.

Clearly visible are the Hants and Dorset Motors bus garage, Regent Cinema and gas storage holder, all now long gone.

Christopher Hill’s grain silo was long ago replaced with the Asda tower on the corner of West Quay Road and the view shown is looking across what is now the Hunger Hill junction.