Shut off automatic updating

13 May

Wtf they might as well delete the camera option as well and just call it "chat" 😭😂 #snapchat #snapchatupdate — Chloe Angel (@chloeeangeel) February 6, 2018 Unfortunately, if you’ve already had the new Snapchat update installed on your phone, there’s not much we can do to help.You can’t really ‘undo’ app updates – unless you’re an Android whiz, managed to keep the APK of the old version on a secondary device, and then are able to manually extract it and flash it back to your primary device.Disable Windows Update Service if you refresh and recompose the linked-clone desktops.A refresh operation restores the OS disks to their original snapshots, deleting the automatic Windows updates.If you’re here, however, because you’ve heard the new Snapchat update sucks and want to ensure you don’t have it forced on you by an annoying auto-update, we can definitely help.What you need to do is disable automatic updates, and that’s pretty easy.

App updates a normally a good thing, but Snapchat’s latest effort has left users fuming, thanks to a series of sweeping changes.Even then, this is a speculative method based on old Android forum posts that may or may not work with newer versions of the OS.We haven’t tested it and don’t really recommend trying it – inadvertently bricking your smartphone isn’t a great way to spend a cold winter’s night.As soon as you close the control panel, the update alert feature switches back on.You can successfully turn off the updates by launching the Java control panel as an administrator. Activate the Charms menu by pressing "Windows-C" and select the "Search" charm.