Too many fish dating

12 Apr

I WAS introducing Home and Away when I agreed to do something I swore I never would – try online dating.

But, for me, if the 'agenda' is to meet someone, the magic of chance goes out of it in some strange way. They start off being nice until they get your number & then they start talking filth & literally admit that they are just looking for a sexual relationship & nothing more. I am starting to lose faith in meeting a genuinely nice guy on these kind of sites.Continuously receive emails saying that some persons want to meet me.I'm a part-time continuity announcer with RTÉ, when I am not working as a psychotherapist, and I naturally overthink situations, so giving an answer based on my gut reaction was possibly a good thing.Otherwise I don't think I would have accepted the challenge – go on three dates in one weekend and write about the experience.