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22 Oct

Fans across the nation can't get enough of Nicole, host and star of HGTV's Rehab Addict, whose passion for saving old homes in Detroit and Minneapolis, MN, is at the heart of her renovation show.

Nicole's engaging personality also comes across on social media, where she clearly has a sense of humor (ahem: did you see her pregnancy announcement? If you're a fan of HGTV, DIY, and Rehab Addict and you want to know more about Nicole and her work, we've done the research!

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You don't drive to him, even if it means staying home alone without a date!

But, as a girl in my early 20s, I was eager to start dating once rehab was over.

I managed to get through dating in early recovery without relapsing, but this doesn’t always happen for people in recovery.

I wasn’t about the muddy the waters by dating too soon in my recovery; that’s one of the best things I learned during my time with Jesse. There is a time and place for dating after rehab, but it shouldn’t be right away.

Use your first year of sobriety to focus on yourself, your new life and the things that make you happy.