Rainie dating

17 Sep

During this period of time, she also released her 4th album, Not Yet a Woman, which features the insert song "Too Much Trouble" and the theme song "Take Me Away" that were featured Miss No Good.

In 2009, Yang starred in To Get Her with Jiro Wang of Fahrenheit and George Hu.

After leaving the hospital, producer Angie Chai took Yang to a Chinese massage therapist.

Miss No Good, starring Yang and Will Pan, was aired during the fall and winter of 2008 and met with much success.

She was an alumnu of Hwakang Arts School in Performance Arts.

Yang released her first compilation album, Whimsical World Collection, on 23 April 2010.

On 17 August 2012, she released her seventh studio album Wishing for Happiness.

Her second concert tour, Love Voyage, embarked on December 14.

These rumors first came about when Li Rong Hao posted an intimate picture of him and Rainie with their faces touching, but their agencies released a statement that they are just “friends”.

Last night, Li Rong Hao was questioned by reporters about their relationship, saying, “Let’s put the matter aside for the time being, let’s see how things develop.” Because Li Rong Hao also recently released his album, some have accused of them stirring up gossip, to which he denied, “Music people do not stir news.” Last night, Li Rong Hao chose to sang Jay Chou’s A Step Back 退後, Eason Chan’s Love Transfer 愛情轉移, and Rainie Yang’s Ambiguous Love.