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As part of the new role, he’d spent the afternoon in Edmonton visiting a desperate young prisoner serving a 9½-year sentence for importing 12 kilograms of cocaine from Panama to Fort Mc Murray. He had a law degree and had met hundreds of inmates while working as consul general of Colombia in Miami in the 1990s.

There, he found that in 99.9 per cent of cases, the person behind bars was guilty as charged. Rodriguez insisted she was innocent the moment she was arrested and had maintained the same story to this day, nearly four years later.

She was supposed to be hanging out with her friends, dancing and making plans for her future.

She had never been to prison before, never had any issues with the police and had no criminal record.

She sat in the back of the vehicle shocked and trying to process what had just happened.

Rodriguez was charged with importing 12 kilograms of cocaine, possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking and possession of marijuana (after a small quantity of the drug was found in a pocket of a jacket that belonged to her). Mark Anderson would later tell the Fort Mc Murray Today newspaper it was the largest cocaine seizure in the town’s history.

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Overcome with curiosity and encouraged by her sister, Rodriguez decided to ever so carefully open the box with a kitchen knife.Canada Border Services Agency had intercepted a parcel addressed to Rodriguez at her sister’s Fort Mc Murray home, which had arrived in Toronto by plane from Panama on Nov. Wrapped in brown paper, the cardboard box contained what appeared to be six decorative candles.Inside those candles, officials found 12.167 kilograms of cocaine, worth more than 0,000. An anti-theft detection powder and an intrusion alarm were installed in the package before it was wrapped and delivered to Rodriguez by a Mountie dressed as a postal worker.She moved to Canada to live with her mom when she was 10, settling into school in Penticton, B. Rodriguez returned to Colombia when she was 14 to visit her father for a scheduled one-month trip that turned into a nearly two-year stay in the South American country as her parents fought over her custody.At the tiny private school she attended in Bogota, Rodriguez was a social teenager who was close friends with a girl named Monica.