Intimidating sports venues

28 Mar

So, we’re basically combining the home-crowd intensity with the ability of the team for the upcoming fall. When you take your team on the road, you run into a number of factors, from unfamiliar locker rooms to hostile fans to stadiums that keep the noise hovering low over the field, making on-field communication nearly impossible.Here’s a look at the 10 toughest stadiums for visiting teams.Situated on the plains of east Alabama, Jordan-Hare Stadium is a bit smaller than the behemoth SEC stadiums for programs such as Texas A&M, Alabama and Tennessee, but its impact is no less important.

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To use this website, cookies must be enabled in your browser.A major part of what makes college football so lovable is the pageantry, and the iconic venues play a big role in creating that pageantry.This one, though, will take into account the type of team each of these stadium’s will be attempting to protect.At 87,451 seats, Auburn’s football home is consistently a loud, difficult place for opposing teams to visit.And Auburn’s administration is consistently updating and improving it, including the addition of college football’s largest scoreboard.