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20 Aug

Studio techniques have changed, blossomed, been thrown away, and advanced, finally mutating into some- thing limited to the knowledge of a chosen few.

Declaring that his find is the most exciting thing to happen in music since Bach, he proves his statement by say- g that his boy is changing field and giving it a new ension. The social trends of the time, the growing literacy of the pop audience, and the t re- mendous demand for relaxa- tion and entertainment to fit a certain group is producing musicians who walk into re- cording studios not to record a tune, but to create a work of art.

degrees from Auburn University, will be an instructor of psychology this fall. Dwyer has done advanced study at the Uni- versity of Mississippi Medi- cal Center and is a candidate for a Ph. This record is a pleasant mixture of hard rock and gen- tle ballad.

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; Sam Polanski has taught prep- aratory piano students at Millsaps. A social calendar with important campus and city events of the coming week will replace the society col- umn. Mitias, who comes from Syria, is new to the philosophy department. N e V i n s, who comes from Mississippi State Univer- sity, where he has taught since 1961. That's a statement which is ade almost every time a gar-chewing booking agent discovers a new talent that he wants to hawk to an un- suspecting record company. Md Manus, a graduate of Louisiana State University, will hold' the po- Michael H. degree from Union College in Bar- bour ville, Kentucky, having done work toward that de- gree at the University of Con- necticut. Mitias has also studied at the University of Missouri, the City College of the City University of New York, and the University of Waterloo, Ontario. Beginning his teaching ca- reer at Millsaps during the 1967 summer session was Rob- ert G. Kay Pritchett Pop Music And The People Who Make It Happen By TOM DUPREE The field of pop music has ged. Mc Manus has done grad- uate work at the University of Texas. The versa- tility of the Jefferson Air- plane and their musical horse sense is what makes them popular, and any "San Fran- cisco sound" is definitely traceable to them. **Today, I feel like pleasin' you more than before," insists Balin, in a quiet number.