Mandating the

28 Aug

However, the bill has been met with public resistance, as several lawmakers said they have received a flood of emails in opposition to the proposal.

New Mexico is currently one of 19 states that only require license plates to be affixed to the rear-end of vehicles. Patricio Ruiloba, D-Albuquerque, would have changed that.

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Hi All, I need to have a script based condition where the String attribute (Dev Ops Number) should become mandate when the other Enumeration attribute (Project Type) is "Agile".

For the past four or five years, discussions around the so-called “right to repair” have followed a predictable cadence.

Gold reserves are also likely to be placed on deposit with the IMF for allocations of SDR.

This would follow a similar legal framework to that of the dollar, and how nations placed their gold on deposit with the Federal Reserve when the dollar was placed at the apex of the international monetary system in 1944.

It is somewhat predictable at this time to expect that each nation will re-allocate a pre-determined amount of its foreign exchange reserves into SDR.

This amount will be determined by level of sovereign debt and trade balance, correlated with optimum capital flows.