Friend with benefits vs dating

18 May

The answer to the trial run question is usually a ‘no’: Only about 10-20% of FWBs turn into long-term romantic relationships.

The vast majority last for a while (sometimes for years), then the sex fizzles out. Does the friendship end together with the sex, or does it somehow manage to survive the end of the "benefits"?

You casually mention a date you have the next day, and closely monitor their reaction.

You provide TMI on texts and comments on social media you're receiving from interested suitors to see if they get possessive. It often leads to disappointment, and your FWB should leave you feeling anything but disappointed.

As such, FWBs alleviate many of the risks inherent in more casual hookups, such as ending up with a bad/inattentive/inadequate lover, a crazy person, or slutty reputation.

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Plans with other people should never be canceled to see them instead, unless you so badly need to get laid that you can't focus on anything else.

If they have feelings for you, you'll be able to tell.

If you think you can sneakily lead them into a serious relationship without them realizing it, then you deserve better and should probably move on.

Here are all the signs you might need to take a hard look at your current FWB relationship, before it combusts into a mess of drama. The whole point of having a FWB setup is the freedom to do whatever you want outside of "hookup time." Unless you have a mutually agreed upon stipulation that your hookups are monogamous, then you shouldn't be gettin' jelly.

Again, unless your FWB sitch is exclusive, you should feel free to go on dates and meet other people.