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08 Sep

It's also one of the most compact solutions I've seen. There are a few things that could cause this to not work. Another example of where this might not work is if you have one cell with the value 31 and another cell with a text value of "31". You could try this: It works for both numbers and text, it handles blank cells, it handles errors in referenced cells, and it works in VBA.And, now we need to follow 3 easy steps, and as you can see on top of the wizard box, we are at the first step.step of this wizard, and as you can see below, here we need to set the delimiters which our data contains.This is a very common problem for any excel user, and you too must have come across it.

The most common way in which Excel stores name is by taking the first name first, space then middle initial (if any) followed by space and then the last name.

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