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15 Sep

Male goats that are castrated (WETHERS) are nice too.Male goats that are intact (BUCKS) can be aggressive and bite/head butt.The best way to find goaty friends near you is to join the American Goat Society. They have a directory of all the breeders in the U. Typically, goats have their babies in the spring, then at 8 weeks you can sell the babies and enjoy milk for almost an entire year.You’ll want to breed your goat again in the fall if you want to freshen her milk again in the spring. I saw some picture of him online from something like People Magazine.

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In the end, unless you want to really start a herd of goats, you can just borrow a buck once a year for breeding time (or take your female does over for a visit to Mr. When we want to go on vacation we call up a fellow goat friend and do a trade.

Bucks can stink when they are older, and are pretty disgusting and aggressive.

If they are kept in close quarters with a doe, the flavor of your milk can actually taste really bad! It would seem from all this information that it must take A LOT of TIME to keep goats.

Don’t worry, you can still milk a doe while she is pregnant, but you’ll have to let her dry up 2 months before she is due so she can build up some nutritional reserves for her offspring.

Here’s a pic of a fabulous Nigerian Dwarf goat who looks like she really needs to be milked. Goats will not eat your lawn mower, your outdoor furniture, your trampoline, or your kid’s toys.