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02 May

So, we’re hoping these 9 signs will provide some guidance and help you spot the red flags the next time you swipe right.On the TV show, people reach out to Nev and Max because deep down they know something isn’t right.

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Consider the dangers of trying to find friends over the Internet.Unsavory individuals regularly troll the Internet looking to exploit unsuspecting youths.​—Romans .● When conducting a business transaction, be cautious. It only takes a few online details​—perhaps your last name, the name of your school, and your phone number—​to enable someone with bad intentions to find you. I would like to limit my time on the Internet to ․․․․․ per week, and to do this I will ․․․․․ If I find myself talking to a stranger on the Internet, I will ․․․․․ What I would like to ask my parent(s) about this subject is ․․․․․ WHAT DO YOU THINK?□ At school □ At home □ At congregation meetings LOOK at your answer to the first question.Did you indicate that you prefer to communicate by computer rather than talk face-to-face? Many youths use the Internet to start and maintain friendships. “When you’re face-to-face, if you don’t fit in, there’s nothing you can do about it.” Now look at your answers to the second and third questions.