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08 Nov

Folks have created their own bubble where they verbally elevate their positions in life and expect you to bow down to it. I understand that the older you get the less open most people are to friendships. I interviewed someone in the natural hair community for a publication I write for. At the end of our convo, both of us have our phones out and she says “oh I’m having an event next month, but I don’t know how I would invite you…” L-O-L, I told her to just have her publicist contact me. Another time, I was interviewing Chrisette Michele at a hair show, there was another natural hair blogger there with a friend.

I can’t communicate in anything other than honesty so I fail at this epically. I don’t even know that right now I want more friends. She recognized me and I mentioned that I just moved here and I’m trying to meet people – I’m probably going to go to Nando’s after this.

But there were others where we hang out one on one at their request but say I hit them up on some “I’m trying to find something to do this weekend,” and I would get hit back with the “oh I have plans, going to a friends happy hour.” That’s it, conversation is done. The natural hair community (vloggers/bloggers) is mysteriously hard to find/connect with. Michelle tour, the Atlanta stop all the natural hair bloggers were there, DC stop – no one from DC was there.

I know who’s who here and I thought coming to DC, where quite a few notable vloggers/bloggers live that it would be easier to connect with folks. Folks don’t have to be friends but that word of mouth about events and such would pass easily amongst us. In a city where the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) can happen a mile from my house and I not hear a peep about…natural hair events happen here and no one knows about it. You find out about things after the fact on Instagram.

Unless I go up and introduce myself as Jouelzy with 110k subscribers on You Tube and 23k on Instagram, folks don’t have the time of day.

But they have no problem calling you and asking for a favor after an intro six months prior with no communication in between.

At 31, attorney Robyn Thorpe isn't sure she's ready to be married yet.

But since she knows she wants to be married someday, she makes it her business to put herself in a places where she can meet black men. ET, Thorpe discussed her dating experiences as recounted by Post reporter Krissah Williams in "Singled Out ," the latest installment of the "Being a Black Man" series.

What does raise my eyebrows, is meeting a father and him telling me that he only dates women with no children. Remember the psychological experiment with black kids, where black kids preferred white baby dolls to black dolls?

Everyone sticks to what and who they know until they see opportunity for personal gain with you.

Yeah, I’ve meet a handful of people who I could tell didn’t care for me.

Ok, I like my barber and Founding Farmers…everything else, yeah won’t be missed.

But I did not want to come across super negative/bitter in the video, hence why it took me 7 attempts to finally get a recording that I liked, because my experience is not the universal experience.