Vba powerpoint screenupdating

15 Feb

This example turns off screen updating and then adds a new document.

You must set the Screen Updating property to True when the procedure finishes or when it stops after an error.

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When screen updating is turned off, toolbars remain visible and Word still allows the procedure to display or retrieve information using status bar prompts, input boxes, dialog boxes, and message boxes. This means that instead of doing a lookup of a certain value cell-by-cell you can do it within a single query.This query can always be refreshed at the push of a button (or macro), instead of dealing with uncontrollable automatic recalculations.At every fiftieth line, the macro selects the line and refreshes the screen. I’ve got a couple of tutorial pages on my web site that deal with conditionally formatted charts. Color End If Next End With End Sub Select a chart, and run the procedure above (press Alt F8 to bring up the macro dialog, select the procedure, and click Run).