Accommodating speech

21 Sep

yang pada pokoknya bersifat permusuhan, penyalahgunaan atau penodaan terhadap suatu agama yang dianut di Indonesia; b.dengan maksud agar supaya orang tidak menganut agama apapun juga, yang bersendikan Ketuhanan Yang Maha Esa Thanks to n4t4c4 for sharing this great info on soundproofing of windows from the Expat Forum: It's a quite common misconception that double pane windows are good for transmission loss.

Another expat's take on "A Good Night Sleep in Jakarta ? " Indonesian Vice President Boediono, has triggered a national debate by saying publicly something some Indonesians are whispering privately: Mosques need to dial down the volume on their daily calls to prayer. Boediono, who like many Indonesians goes by only one name, on Friday called on the Indonesian Mosque Council to issue a regulation on the noise levels for loudspeakers used by muezzins to belt out calls to prayer, known as azan.

Go to the proposed new residence at the time that the call to prayer is broadcast through loudspeakers from the adzan at the mosques surrounding your neighborhood.

There will most likely be more than one that you hear.

The Anit-Latinos tend to frame their hostility in terms of objective traits real or imagined–Latins don’t learn English, do commit crimes, live on welfare, take American jobs.

Yet one requires little reading to see that their real objection is racial.