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09 Nov

It comes after authorities announced that one of Africa's oldest national parks is under attack 'from all fronts,' after 68 elephants have been slaughtered in two months by poachers, some of whom shot them from helicopters.

The Johannesburg-based African Parks group, which manages Garamba, said since mid-April, the 5,000-square kilometer (1,900-square mile) park has faced an onslaught from several bands of poachers who have already killed 4 percent of its elephants.

They say the unrest broke out after Kenya's election commission announced that President Uhuru Kenyatta had won a second term, defeating Odinga.

Gunshots have been reported in the Nairobi slum of Kibera and in the southwestern city of Kisumu. Kisumu resident Lucas Odhiambo said: 'There are gunshots all over; we don't know how it will end but we are praying for peace.'There was peace but people started blowing vuvuzelas as soon as the results were announced and police moved in.'Kenya's president is asking the country to 'shun violence' as unrest erupts in some opposition areas after the country's election commission announced he had won a second term. Supporters of opposition candidate Raila Odinga have rejected the results but said challenging them in court is not an option.

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Kenya, 46, and Kim, 39, began getting really personal with one another after Kim threw shade over Kenya's husband of five months, Marc Daly. J*** off somewhere and get it off your chest.'Zolciak, a mom-of-six, was then seen walking out of the room, presumably aghast at the verbal salvos her nemesis lobbed at her.

Kenya promised the ladies that they would meet Daly 'soon - hopefully soon,' with Kim saying, 'It ain’t gonna f***ing happen, bitch, because he don’t exist.'It's all a bunch of lies, a bunch of bull**** - he don’t exist! 'Didn’t they cut it off during your reassignment surgery? Zolciak has been outspoken about the bad vibes she gets from Moore, as she told Extra last month, 'Kenya is a different person,' adding, 'I don’t want to meet anybody that is like Kenya ever again. inside her soul is not a very good person.'Zolciak made clear she has no desire to bury the hatchet with Kenya, telling the TV show, 'I don’t know Kenya enough to care or ever have a relationship ... let’s just hope Kenya quits the show.'The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays on Bravo at 8/7c.

CWD as a recently developed disease in Arabica coffee could be detected ranging from 2.4% in Berhane-Kontir to 16.9% in Yayu.

CLR has been a serious constraint in all production countries since it became prominent in Ceylon in the late 19th century after leaf infection defoliation affects plants. The disease is currently confined to the African continent in all countries that grow Arabica coffee.