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20 Jan

:o Well, Kashimashi had a visual novel ( made of it, but it might be hard to get ahold of. If someone wants to try out visual novels I would rec. well, Key's not bad, but if you've played a Key VN, you've played all the Key VNs.

I try to get stuff legally when I can, which makes it hard. at least trying one Key 'game' just to see if it grabs you. I guess Clannad's as good place to start as any (better than AIR, at least).

:) Someone mentioned Yume Miru Kusuri ( above and that's good too, in a completely different way. Their dev blog reports that all the routes are done (and earlier this year claimed that the game would be released by 2012), so word on the street is that the finished product will be out in the next couple months.

Yup, demo of the first act (up to 'you're on this girl's path, try not to fuck it up') is out.

A lot moreso than you would expect 'a porn game about the disabled, made by The Internet(TM)' to be.

The fanart also has a sharktopus girl, for some reason.

I line up for them at Comiket myself but then I'm a bit of an obsessive. The anime is generally considered faithful, in which case Clannas the Visual Novel will have one of the best story out there. The patch files just changes the game from a Japanese language one to an English language one. -- Griffinhart *cough*Kana Little Sisterdiditbest*cough*Katawa Shoujo ( where you can date a variety of girls suffering from various different handicaps. I remember the OP saying that it was someone's wife that wants to try out a dating sim so playing one from a female point of view might be something to look into.

Oh, and she wants to play as a boy for some reason, which I don't imagine should be much of a problem. There are 'fan translations' but that is getting into some dubious territory. without hesitation is Kira Kira, a romantic comedy about a wanabe Rock Band. I know you said she wants to play as a guy, but here ( a nifty list of Legal In America And Fully Translated (or Western developed) dating games for women. if she wants to do something more like a Visual Novel and less like a life sim or raising sim. Katawa Shoujo ( at least, when it FINALLY EFFING RELEASES (it was slated for a 2011 release, but there's all of like, three weeks left in 2011, so the forecast isn't looking too hot), is top of my to-play list. In fact, that's how most of my preferred romance games are...

Yume Miru Kusuri, Wanko to Kurasou, Saya no Uta, Demonbane...

For visual novels there is Aoi Shiro, which has plenty of paths and if squint really really hard though yout goggles even some feelings like between girls, duuude. the only thing I can think of is Spirited Hearts: Girls Love, but I am pretty uncertain I should be telling anybody to get that. On a related topic, can anyone recommend any good yuri dating games?

And then there are Sono Hana Bira for girl meets girl, 3, 2, 1 sex! Those are games that have yuri as focus that I can think. :o Well the Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo series is bloody gorgeous with sweet and cute stories.