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03 Jun

Spears is calling on Congress to enact the DREAM Act, which would protect young people working and studying in the U. a very young, gum-chewing Spears made what in hindsight are some innocuous remarks about trusting President George W. This clip ended up as a highlight in Michael Moore's documentary about the tragedy, She does pose with politicians, however.

In February of 2016, Spears shared a photo on Instagram showing her meeting Secretary of State, and at the time, the Democratic nominee for president, Hillary Clinton.

The song that put Spears on top is a strutting statement of intent called "...

Baby One More Time" — and that ellipsis tells a tale.

So, is Britney gearing up to walk down the aisle for a third time?

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"They just want to feel good for those four minutes, then go hit the Internet."You want to be a good example for kids out there and not do something stupid," Spears says."Kids have low self-esteem, and then the peer pressures come and they go into a wrong crowd.A dance rehearsal accident has temporarily confined Spears to her parents' ranch-style house in rural-burban Kentwood, Louisiana, when she should be out promoting her white-hot debut, ... Staying home has its compensations: As Spears holds forth, her mom, Lynne, a second-grade teacher, sits on the carpet in the wood-paneled living room, fluffing and folding the laundry.If it weren't for the diamond-laden tennis bracelet that Britney just bought her, you'd think her daughter was a vacationing college kid and not a pop sensation with an eleventh-grade education.