Dating laws in alabama

16 May

While you probably won’t get fined for pronouncing the last “s” in the state’s name, it is technically illegal to mispronounce it while in “Ar-kan-saw.”Halloween is particularly strict in Delaware.

To prevent mischievous actions by youngsters on October 31, children can only go trick-or-treating between 6 and 8 p.m.

Several laws that are still in place in Minnesota will leave you bewildered as to how they even came about in the first place, and how exactly some of them are enforced.

Not only is it illegal to cross any state line with a duck on your head — which poses the question: How often does this happen?

There are very specific rules for dyeing and selling live ducks in Kentucky.Many cities in Maine have a weird law that’s unique to them, with some of the funnier ones being the prohibition against playing the violin while strolling down the streets of Augusta; the possibility of a fine for roller skating or biking on the sidewalks of Biddeford; and the illegality of parking in front of a specific Dunkin’ Donuts location in South Berwick — but what if the Dunkin’ Donuts is replaced by a different establishment?Sunday mass in Massachusetts can either be the safest place to be, or the most dangerous.Michigan seems to have a strong stance on loyalty and fidelity with a law that makes adultery illegal.If adultery is committed, the spouse must put in a complaint within the year in order for the unfaithful person to receive their punishment — the offense is considered a felony punishable by up to four years in prison.