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12 Feb

For more information about this update, see Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 3209498.This security update addresses the following vulnerabilities, which are described in Adobe Security Bulletin APSB16-39: CVE-2016-7867, CVE-2016-7868, CVE-2016-7869, CVE-2016-7870, CVE-2016-7871, CVE-2016-7872, CVE-2016-7873, CVE-2016-7874, CVE-2016-7875, CVE-2016-7876, CVE-2016-7877, CVE-2016-7878, CVE-2016-7879, CVE-2016-7880, CVE-2016-7881, CVE-2016-7890, CVE-2016-7892 The following software versions or editions are affected.If you have difficulty using a website after you change this setting, and you are sure the site is safe to use, you can add that site to your list of trusted sites. Many websites that are on the Internet or on an intranet use Active Scripting to provide additional functionality.For example, an online e-commerce site or banking site may use Active Scripting to provide menus, ordering forms, or even account statements.

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You will be prompted frequently when you enable this workaround.In a web-based attack scenario where the user is using Internet Explorer for the desktop, an attacker could host a specially crafted website that is designed to exploit any of these vulnerabilities through Internet Explorer and then convince a user to view the website.An attacker could also embed an Active X control marked "safe for initialization" in an application or Microsoft Office document that hosts the IE rendering engine.If you do not want to block Active X Controls or Active Scripting for such sites, use the steps outlined in "Add sites that you trust to the Internet Explorer Trusted sites zone".Note Disabling Active Scripting in the Internet and Local intranet security zones may cause some websites to work incorrectly. There are side effects to prompting before running Active Scripting.