Female bodybuilder dating website

19 Dec

Honestly, it beats your “epic beer bong” story or your latest gossip.But I won’t judge 🙂 Just because this is a very relevant hobby of mine, doesn’t make it my end all. It isn’t necessarily their life, but they do love it.

Female bodybuilders will talk weights more than the average chick, that is correct, but it isn’t all we want to talk about.Non-lifters see pictures of female lifters on stage and feel justified in calling us “gross”, “unattractive”, and “bulky”.Not only is that sort of (a lot of) mean, but people don’t get that we don’t look like that in every day life.You see how there is a whole category for the thing you think every single female lifter does?Yes, I know it is confusing…given that the sport itself is called bodybuilding.