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21 Jul

They aren’t interested in my career as a professional soccer player, that coming out to Colombian parents was difficult, yet not impossible, or that my Spanish accent sounds like I’m Spaniard. Instead, I get asked a standard set of questions to test my level of “Spanishness”:“Are both of your parents Colombian? Your experience with Latinas is Sofia Vergara, when I look like Ellen and a mop had a baby.

Presenting our diverse queerness extends past our wardrobe, though; it’s about our political ideals, how we express ourselves artistically, or if we choose to watch Season 4 of , which we all know was awful.

By not being able to speak, it does not make us any more or less of anything, it just means whoever cheated off of you in Spanish class was probably really confused when they got their grades back.

Prove It If the girl says she’s Latina, damn, believe it.

), all of our passion comes from the fact that we have struggled and still struggle to this day.

We fight for these rights not because our blood is muy caliente, but because we feel they should be intrinsic.