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18 Mar

If a straight man had made such a comment, it would never had been questioned, he said.

Latham said the matter should have been mediated, but Riverside never attempted any such “good faith” effort.

We are committed to moving forward with our students, and to working together to repair any and all harm done to our community and to our campus.” While members of the department said they wanted to move on from the Latham case out of the public eye, they said they were drawn into a back-and-forth with Latham last week after his comments to the Board of Regents were posted with his permission to the American Association of University Professors’ “Academeblog.

“I was never even invited to respond to the charges or to submit exculpatory evidence,” he said.

“Instead, the administration adopted an adversarial posture from the outset, as if the original allegations -- the vast majority of which we now know to be untrue -- had already been proven.” Regarding the drug-related charges, Latham said he’d made “a serious error of judgment in relation to substance abuse, for which I sought treatment one full year before any charges were filed against me.

In 2000, Sergio Stone, then a professor of medicine at the Irvine campus, was fired after being linked to a fertility clinic scandal there.

A faculty panel recommended that he be demoted but the board -- which ultimately has authority in such cases -- moved to dismiss him.