Updating sony ps3 enscription key dating web side

20 Jan

Play Station 3 was blown wide open - seemingly irrevocably - from two fronts.Not only could all aspects of the system be decrypted with the master key and then reverse-engineered, but thanks to fail0verflow's signing tools, the code could be repackaged into a form that the PS3 was happy to process.If you still have an untouched PS3 from the 2006 launch, you can power it up and update it to the latest 4.30 firmware.Every PS3 requires the means by which to decrypt any firmware update - past, present or future.Sony has also won subpoenas for data from You Tube and Google, as well as Twitter account data linked to Hotz, who goes by the handle Geo Hot.

There's little evidence that the hack which saw PSN's servers compromised in one of the biggest security fails in internet history had much to do with the breaches that preceded it.

This means that only older consoles running 3.55 firmware or lower can be used with the latest piracy-enabling firmwares.

Consoles running 3.56 or later can't run any kind of unofficial code. Despite locking down metldr, there remained one further vulnerability - one that Sony simply cannot revoke: the bootloader key.

New encryption protocols were put in place which effectively mothballed metldr, while the specific signing algorithms used for fail0verflow's tools were blacklisted.

Encryption keys were changed so new software would not run on older firmware, and Sony even released a revised console with changes to the Cell architecture that addressed some of the exploits hackers were using to gain access to the PS3 hardware - even the metldr key was changed on this new hardware.