Pisces dating a pisces

12 Sep

As far as matters of the heart are concerned anyway, with your old solar year still having eight days to run.

Venus has returned in time to spend Valentine's Day in Pisces.

However, the Ram's tendency to criticize may trouble the Fish.

She's intuitive and trusts her gut more than anything. Moral of the story: Don't doubt the Pisces intuition. You might find your Pisces sitting alone in a dark room wallowing in what could've been or should've been or regretting what she said or wishing she could've done better.

Pisces can help impatient Aries hold back, but Aries can help Pisces move forward when courage and action is called for.

When they work together with an understanding of their differences, they can be stronger and more effective as a team than individually.

Often what begins as an animal attraction, becomes refined over the years, and it isn't uncommon to see this combination last well into old age.

However, neither Pisces nor Taurus is crazy about initiating change and will often allow unsatisfactory conditions wear down the good feelings between them.