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13 Aug

In July 2005, Pan released his fourth studio album The Expert, featuring Chinese singer Zhang Xianzi in the hit song "不得不愛" (Cannot Not Love).He convened a team "[email protected]" to assist him in album productions.He collaborated with Evonne Hsu on the track "Special Guest" (特別來賓).He was featured in Alec Su's 2002 song "Playing for Real" (玩真的).A VCD, "Will Show Music Video Karaoke" which contains the concert highlights, was released in Jan 2004.In the compilation album "U Love" released by Universal Music Taiwan, he worked with Universal Music artists Energy and Evonne Hsu on the single "Universal Love".In 2011, Pan was awarded Best Actor for Endless Love (愛∞無限) at the 46th Golden Bell Awards, Taiwan's equivalent to the Emmy Awards.In recent years, Pan ventured into the business world. C (New Project Center) which he collaborated with Chinese host Nic Li, in Shanghai.

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The album includes his collaboration with Jason Tang on the track "Curry Chili" (咖哩辣椒).He was awarded "Best Male Artist in sales records" at 2003 "G-Music Chart Awards" for Gecko Stroll.He appeared as guest star in 2003 dramas Love Train (心動列車) and "Wu He Tian" (無河天).On 3 September 2004, he released his third album Wu Ha which features a duet, "快樂崇拜" (Adoration to Happiness) with singer Angela Chang.The album contains the track "我讓你走了" (Letting You Go) composed by Taiwanese singer Tank.