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From 1930 to 1983 the waters off Newport were the site of the yacht races for the yachting remains a major sport, and Newport likes to call itself the “yachting capital of the world.” Sportfishing is also highly popular, although stocks of some fish—notably bluefin tuna—have been diminishing. Tennis Association) from 1881 to 1915 before the association moved to Forest Hills (Queens) in New York City. (daily), founded in 1829, is the oldest continuously published major daily newspaper in the United States.The International Tennis Hall of Fame and Museum (1954) is housed in the Newport Casino building. Newport was also the site of the first championships of the U. Newport, Pawtucket, and Woonsocket have daily papers, and a number of other towns publish weekly newspapers. When European explorers and settlers arrived in the early 16th century, they found several Algonquian-speaking peoples inhabiting the region.The Rhode Island Historical Society operates the John Brown House Museum, a merchant’s mansion in Providence; built in 1786, the house is furnished with masterpieces of the Newport school of cabinetmakers and with other 18th-century antiques.The Museum of Work and Culture, in Woonsocket, also run by the society, is an interactive museum illustrating daily life in 19th-century Rhode Island mill towns.

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Williams, a pioneer of religious liberty, believed in the separation of church and state and had been banished from Massachusetts for his beliefs.

The State Ballet of Rhode Island (1960) performs throughout the state.

The Tourism is one of Rhode Island’s leading economic activities.

Library facilities are plentiful throughout the state.

The Redwood Library and Athenaeum, in Newport, and the Providence Athenaeum, both proprietary libraries housed in architecturally important buildings, have roots dating to the mid-18th century.