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"There are lot of good things happening at die 1ks- pital," she said. While there have been losses, business has been excellent." Mader also noted that the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Hospitals (JCAHO) gave the hospital a grade of 96 out of a possi- ble 100 following a recent inspection. Medicare paid (Cont'd on page 8) 0,000; state Lottery money, 5,228; Quincy mer Mayor"and'^m City Community Access Televi- Councillw Francis Mc Cau- sion, 5,000; and the ley-was about 18 months North Quincy Drainage Project, ,072.01.Quincy Hospital's finan- cial woes, she said, are i Mgely die result of changes in the healthcare industry that are beyond its contnri. The Quincy Conununity Access funding came from Media One, the city's cable television provider, while i^irding to Ubrary Direc- heal Ay economy t^t drove the rest is s«! Con- up the cost of buihhng ma- The city already had an sfruction already has been t«"ff • „u .^ j ,r, .j o\ delayed for two mon Uis be- Mayor James Sheets and (Cont'd on page 8) New Signage Ordinance Gets Final Council OK A new citywide signage last-minute ordinance recently passed included, by the City Council has re- Aldiough die matter was ceived its final approval.The company organizes and recruits salesmen to disburse with products including calculators and computers to businesses.It holds a business permit, but no license with the license board thus making it difficult for the board to take action.

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White said he did not have "enough information at this time." to make a determination.

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