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27 Jan

By the end of the week, you will be able to solve problems using Bayes' rule, and update prior probabilities.Please use the learning objectives and practice quiz to help you learn about Bayes' Rule, and apply what you have learned in the lab and on the quiz.The user friendly linguistic terms defined with interval scales were used for elicitation of interval conditional probabilities from industry experts.Inferences were made directly with the interval probabilities with the GL2U algorithm.The predictions are shown to converge to the field measurements, regardless of some assumptions about the measurement errors.Finally, it is demonstrated that incorporating more monitoring data into the Bayesian updating process enables more accurate predictions.

Ship collision is chosen for case study for the strategic importance of navigational safety.We propose a hybrid methodology that implements artificial neural networks (ANN) in the framework of Bayesian updating with structural reliability methods (BUS) in order to increase the computational efficiency of BUS in sampling-based Bayesian inference of numerical models.In particular, ANNs are incorporated in BUS with subset simulation (Su S).The basic concept is to train an ANN in each subset of Su S with a fraction of the required number of samples per subset and employ the trained ANN to generate the remaining samples.This is achieved by replacing the full model evaluation at a candidate sample point of the Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) simulation within Su S by an ANN estimate.