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18 Jun

No single serum β-HCG level is diagnostic of an ectopic pregnancy.

By 1992, the number of ectopic pregnancies had increased to 108,800.Ectopic pregnancy refers to the implantation of a fertilized egg in a location outside of the uterine cavity, including the fallopian tubes (approximately 97.7%), cervix, ovary, cornual region of the uterus, and abdominal cavity.Of tubal pregnancies, the ampulla is the most common site of implantation (80%), followed by the isthmus (12%), fimbria (5%), cornua (2%), and interstitia (2-3%). (A) Ampullary, 80%; (B) Isthmic, 12%; (C) Fimbrial, 5%; (D) Cornual/Interstitial, 2%; (E) Abdominal, 1.4%; (F) Ovarian, 0.2%; and (G) Cervical, 0.2%.(See Treatment and Medication.) The faulty implantation that occurs in ectopic pregnancy occurs because of a defect in the anatomy or normal function of either the fallopian tube (as can result from surgical or infectious scarring), the ovary (as can occur in women undergoing fertility treatments), or the uterus (as in cases of bicornuate uterus or cesarean delivery scar).Reflecting this, most ectopic pregnancies are located in the fallopian tube; the most common site is the ampullary portion of the tube, where over 80% of ectopic pregnancies occur.