Dating my boos block

31 Jul

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Increasingly, though, butcher block is being used in domestic kitchens as an alternative to stone and laminate countertops.

This has created a new industry in the kitchen design arena and many furniture manufacturers and hardwood flooring companies are getting into the production of butcher blocks and butcher block countertops, in part because the countertops can be constructed from left-over wood that would otherwise be discarded.

Proper care of a butcher block is important for longevity of the material and, to a degree, food safety.

Alex, another female groomer said, “We can’t take him if he is matted; “B” is not trained’. Alex huffed by me with an attitude and said that she would get the manager.

When the assistant manager, Justin, walked in I told him that I had been bringing my dog there for at least seven years and that I had never had a problem (with previous/former staff) and then I started explaining what had just happened.