Updating old farmhouse plumbing

12 Jan

Unlike the other state park cabins that allow one to wake in the woods, gaze at the unobstructed sky and occupy the stillness, this one is on the road in a scruffy rural area so it’s sort of the worst combination of the country and development.

Nonetheless, we had an idyllically restful weekend with our friends and the three boys.

updating old farmhouse plumbing-61

Caledonia State Park Canoe Creek State Park—we drove down from Sinnemahoning on June 9, 2008 (Adrienne’s birthday) to see 20,000 bats come out of the belfry of the desanctified church that houses them.So, we all played in the front yard of the cabin, coming in for freshly baked cookies and going back out to play, and going back out to play.The cabin was a private house that is technically not in the park but just outside on the road.There is a funicular that serves as a ski lift during the winter and which one can ride to the peak during the summer.However, we arrived just as the operator was shutting down for the afternoon and we could not persuade him to give us a ride – a source of great disappointment to Arkady.