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With a view to increasing the joints' durability and reliability of welding seams the thickness δ of the first coating layer as function of thread conicity K is adjusted according to the following formula: δ=0.09 . This very device will be further denoted by the term “drill pipe”.The term “pipe” will denote a semifinished drill pipe without tool joints.Facilities were built to process a large part of agricultural products coming from the areas of the upper Don and Ukraine to send to the central provinces of Russia. At the airfield was stationed the headquarters of the 16th Guards Fighter Aviation Division after its withdrawal from Germany in 1993 until 1998.Also until 2009, the 19th Nikopol Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment (19 Gv IAP)—a part of the 51st Air Defense Corps of the 4th Army of Air Force and Air Defense—was stationed there.The proposed drill pipe consists of a body with upset ends and tool joints connected by means of friction welding, having tapered thread and a double coating, the first layer being applied by means of thermo-diffusion zincing and the second one, by means phosphate treatment. The segment at 15 to 25 mm from the welding spot on joints is coated with phosphate only.wherein the tool joints comprise a double-layered coating, the first layer being zinc, being applied by means of thermo-diffusion zincing and the second layer being phosphate, being applied by means of phosphate treatment; This application is a Continuation of PCT application serial number PCT/IB/2008/001923 filed on Jul. A drill pipe consists of a pipe itself—a rather long component that is almost untreated mechanically, and of interlocking devices with the threaded connections (further referred to as joints or tool joints).Enhancement of tool joint life, as compared to the tool joints with phosphate coating only, allows no overdimension to be stipulated for future repair purposes, which saves up to several kilos of metal per tool joint, decreasing the drill string weight by several tons. 14, 2008, which in turn claims priority to Russian Patent Application No. The latter are located at both pipe's ends forming either integral joints or permanent connections.It was founded in 1786 and named after its founder, the army officer Ivan Abramovich Müller, who set up a farm estate with after he received empty land by the river deep in the Decree of the Empress Catherine the Great on February 14, 1786.

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In the accompanying drawings, reference characters refer to the same parts throughout the different views.

There are, for example, thread connections for oil-well tubing and drill pipes coated with plastic copper-bearing alloy (Patent of the Russian Federation No. Besides, coating parameters differ greatly from part to part since coating is applied to each part individually. The thermal-diffusion galvanization is most suitable for large-scale production and ensures the coating of appropriate quality.

Completion of the process is signaled by the appearance of a “harsh whistling sound”, which is a very subjective criterion. The second phosphate layer is applied so as to enhance the reliability of a 15-mcm thermo-diffusion zinc coating whose continuity is not guaranteed.

Therefore, the coating currently in use does not enhance the endurance capability of tool joints.

The result that is achieved through implementation of the proposed technology consists in the increased durability of tool joints integrated in drill pipes. 0.13 K, and there is only a phosphate coating in a segment of 15-25 mm from the welding spot. 0.13 K, where K is the conicity of thread, is as follows: the wear resistance of tool joints, or their durability, increases, as measured by the amount of making-up/breakout cycles.