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08 Feb

Drug experts and doctors are hugely concerned - they now believe the substance, which is either ingested orally or snorted, is potentially more dangerous than Meow Meow, the previously legal high which was banned in April after officials identified 26 cases where it may have been a contributing cause of death.

There is little or no information available about exactly how many people are taking Ivory Wave, how the drug is made or what it contains.

He died from his injuries, rather than from the effects of the drug.

But his was the first death to be linked to its use.

Sarah first bought the drug ten months ago after she read on an online forum that it could help with weight loss.

Just two weeks ago, the drug - also known as Ivory Coast, Purple Wave or Vanilla Sky - was linked to the death of a young man in the Isle of Wight and in recent months has hospitalised dozens more.

'Not being in control of her weight really troubled her.

When she saw her wedding pictures she kept saying: "oh god, I look so fat." I said she looked beautiful in those pictures. But she wouldn't hear it.' In October, Sarah told her parents and her husband Jim, a 46-year-old transport worker, that she was taking a diet aid that she'd bought online.

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And although the coroner is yet to record his verdict, the Moyles lay the blame for her death firmly at the drug's door.Barely a year ago, Sarah Forsyth walked down the aisle in an ivory wedding dress.'She was beautiful and so happy then,' says her mother Margaret Moyle, slowly turning the pages of the wedding album.'This stuff comes with no warning, no ingredients list, no dosage advice,' says Margaret, who works as a school cleaner and exam invigilator.'It's legal and it's advertised as all sorts of things, from plant food, to bath salts. It destroyed our beautiful daughter.' Looking at Sarah's wedding photographs is especially painful, because they know it was seeing these pictures that made her so determined to lose weight in the first place.