Speed dating perth wa

30 Jan

In May, we spent a month in the US, and we’re still going strong. Picking up at a bar is supposed to be a breeze, but scoring a date while slinging a drink has always eluded me.I’m notorious for flitting around like a boozy hummingbird at the bar, darting away when it finally looks like I might click with someone, or befriending girls in the bathroom instead of flirting with potential prospects.Two of my girlfriends ended up hitting it off with the two guys I brought, and went on a double date to The Classroom the following week.Later, Gav told me another two people who met backed up the night by going out to dinner. I was interested to try a more formal speed dating night too, so turned to Fast Impressions.Champagne flowed and the pickings were varied – there was a handsome Swiss astrophysicist (yes, really.

There were some people from overseas or interstate who complained the Perth dating scene was challenging – “It’s so cliquey!

I’d been using it for about three months before I saw Kortnie’s profile.

I was out on a boat at the time and showing one of my brother’s mates what it was. I started talking to her and I ended up seeing her out that night at The Shed!

I had to scroll through my fair share of beer-fisting festivalgoers, and the occasional bathroom selfie (yes, really) but I found some diamonds in the rough – and I ain’t talking blingin’ chains.

I got matched with law students, photographers, musicians – even a cute guy we stopped on the street last edition to find the best places to pick up (hey, Rob! ) I committed to meeting up with a longhaired rocker who seemed to share my goofy sense of humour, and we had a few drinks and danced until dawn.