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16 Mar

The TV star went on to wed Lucy Dyke on December 23 at Manchester town hall before jetting off for a Dubai honeymoon.

But he had put his impending nuptials aside after appearing in ­Torquay on November 18.

The pair chatted about the gig before he said he would have got a hotel room in Torquay if he had seen her Facebook profile prior to going on stage.

He then asked the woman if she would have come to his hotel room.

When she replied “Yes”, he said: “Wow, that’s pretty hot. “I’ve got wifi and everything, I could just totally get porn and happy days.” Manford again steered the conversation to sex, and asked the woman her age, joking: “I’m like Tesco.

It’s not something I’ve done before to be honest.” He then admitted he has done a lot of “chatting and w******” with female fans. If you look under 25 don’t be offended if I ask for ID.” He then appeared to engage in a solo sex act over the phone.

“I knew he’d split from his first wife after doing something like this, so when I found he was engaged when he messaged me, I just thought, ‘A leopard never changes its spots’.

THE comedy career of Jason Manford has flourished despite a string of sexual indiscretions.

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Perhaps she is happy to put up with it for the lifestyle he can give her.” The woman also revealed Manford suggested they meet up when his tour returns to Torquay in April.As they chatted on a mobile call, Manford added: “What the f*** am I doing? ” Manford, lined up to host new ITV show What Would Your Kid Do?, was forced to quit the BBC’s One Show in 2010 for sending explicit Twitter messages.The fan said: “I was horrified.” Manford shamelessly boasted “I will be your naughty boy” during the phone sex.The brazen comic even laughed as he admitted he has a history of X-rated flirting with fans.