Bad dating manners

25 Mar

Custom is the habit of doing certain things like shaking hands and tipping hats mentioned above.Consideration is the most important idea behind all good manners.[ Read More ]If you think etiquette has lost relevance in today’s world, it’s time for a refresher course. Decorum isn’t a dusty set of rules about which fork to use; it’s a code of behavior for treating others well and, ...

No matter how crowded a home is, everyone in it has a right to some place that is his own.

Here you’ll find timely posts with tips on everything from business etiquette to lifestyle etiquette, written from a modern manners perspective.

Growing up, our mothers reminded us not to put our elbows on the table, to put our napkins in our laps, and to chew with our mouths closed until one day, good table manners became engrained in us.

Being rude to someone is bad manners, not because a book says so, but because it causes hurt feelings.

Nearly all good manners have in element of common sense.